Monday, September 28, 2009

Alogathian Timeline

The Ages of Alogath
The Reign of Havoc (date unknown)
The Reign of Titans (date unknown)
The Reign of Giants (1-472 V.A. [Vempurnum Antinore])
The Reign of Man (1-present V.E. [Vempurnum Emperius])

The campaign begins in the 126th year of The Reign of Man.

What most people know about the world:
  • The peoples of the world were made in the images of the Titans and the landscapes were made by their epic struggles for dominion.
  • Giants once had expansive empires, but now live in smaller civilizations. In their era of rulership, giants subjugated most of the world's peoples.
  • Giants consider themselves to be the most direct heirs of the Titans. Other races either accept this hierarchy or as is the more common view, people believe that the giants of the world are a mere shadow of the Titan's glory and it is now the time of men.
  • The largest present day empire is Vempernia, which is mostly comprised of dwarves and humans, but draws a diverse array of peoples.

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