Monday, September 28, 2009

Alogathian Timeline

The Ages of Alogath
The Reign of Havoc (date unknown)
The Reign of Titans (date unknown)
The Reign of Giants (1-472 V.A. [Vempurnum Antinore])
The Reign of Man (1-present V.E. [Vempurnum Emperius])

The campaign begins in the 126th year of The Reign of Man.

What most people know about the world:
  • The peoples of the world were made in the images of the Titans and the landscapes were made by their epic struggles for dominion.
  • Giants once had expansive empires, but now live in smaller civilizations. In their era of rulership, giants subjugated most of the world's peoples.
  • Giants consider themselves to be the most direct heirs of the Titans. Other races either accept this hierarchy or as is the more common view, people believe that the giants of the world are a mere shadow of the Titan's glory and it is now the time of men.
  • The largest present day empire is Vempernia, which is mostly comprised of dwarves and humans, but draws a diverse array of peoples.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Major Religions of Alogath

Ber-Kee-Luk Unaligned; Symbol: storm spiral; Aliases: The Breaker of Ships, The Storm Lord. Areas of concern: Chaos, Destruction, Revelry, Strength, Storms; Typical followers: barbarians, cyclopi, sailors

Gormut Unaligned; Symbol: face of stone; Aliases: The Contemplative, The Final Judge, Stone Face. Areas of concern: Crafts, Death, Earth, Righteous Retribution, Travel; Typial followers: dwarves, druids, farmers, rangers, monks

Halume Evil; Symbol: black rose eclipsing moon; Aliases: Night Mistress, The Pale Lady. Areas of concern: Fey, Magic, Trickery; Typical followers: elves, eladrin, lyconthropes, rogues, rangers, shifters

Henzu Evil; Symbol: obsidian pyramid with red eye; Aliases: The Burning Tyrant, The Corruptor. Areas of concern: Fire, Summer, Tyranny, War; Typical followers: fighters, warlocks, minotaurs, nobles, tieflings

Ma’Tuk Lawful Good; Symbol: celestial sun; Aliases: The Celestial Shepherd. Areas of concern: Autumn, Justice, Protection, Sun; Typical followers: paladins, herders

Megrot Chaotic Evil; Symbol: bone maw; Aliases: The Devourer, The Gorger. Areas of concern: Destruction, Disease, Slaughter, Undead, Winter; Typical followers: barbarians, bullywugs, orcs, undead

Sesh Good; Symbol: flowing river circlet; Aliases: The Life-Giver. Areas of concern: Arts, Birth, Luck, Healing, Music, Water; Typical followers: farmers, fishers, gnomes, lizard folk, rogues, sailors

Vempurn Lawful Good; Symbol: the crown and sword; Aliases: The Emperor, The Keeper of the Word. Areas of concern: History, Honor, Knowledge, Law, Rulership; Typical followers: dwarves, fighters, nobility, paladins, wizards

Wygen Unaligned; Symbol: claws; Aliases: The Beast, The Eternal Shifter. Areas of concern: Animals, Spring, Travel, Trickery; Typical followers: druids, halflings, lycanthropes, rangers, shifters


The Undying Court Worshipers of ancestors that are not exactly dead. Followers limited to Eladrin and few Elves.

Honored Ancestors Worshipers of ancestors past. Followers limited to Dwarves.

Whisperers to the Dark Worshipers of long-banished demons.

Friday, September 4, 2009

An Introduction to Alogath

In unfathomable ages past, a maelstrom of magical and elemental energies, primordial forces, perpetually tore asunder and reformed the world that was, but was not. There were beings of great power, Titans, who became bent on the world being and to that end, allied and waged war, slowly banished these irrational and wantonly destructive forces. The Titan’s shaped a world as they have dreamed it and their dreams took material form in the land and the creatures that began to live in those lands, but a great many of times, one Titan’s vision of the world directly contradicted another’s and again, tumult reigned over the land as Titan was pitted against Titan in a test of wills. As the Titans were locked in immortal struggles, those same elements that the Titans had seen banished began to seep back into the world. The most rational of Titans saw the futility in continually struggling, if the very essence of destruction was going to reinherit the world. A number of the Titans set about to participate in a ritual that would forever banish these primordial powers as well as the Titans themselves. This is what first brought the world known as Alogath into existence.

Though the Titans are gone from the realm of mortals, their will still stirs forces in Alogath. The Titan’s have risen to immortality and Godhood. Giants, the descendents of the Titans, are numerous and many seek to reclaim the rulership that they feel is their birthright. How will you fare when you walk in the footsteps of giants?